From: Mitch Howe (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2005 - 14:03:08 MST


List Sniper fires a Tommy Gun at some Threads!




Ethics and free will is hit for 72 points of damage, Killing it!

Ethics, IQ is hit for 71 points of damage, Killing it!

Demarchy (was: Re: ethics) is hit for 80 points of damage, Killing it!

Intelligence: fixed or wobbly? Is hit for 72 points of damage, Killing it!




All current threads are substandard, and I apologize for having being lulled
into accepting it by their gradual rate of decline.


Rehashed, reexplained arguments are boring. Polite chit-chat is even more
so. Political commentary is off-topic (though I commend the self-restraint
of most list members, who declined to fuel it).


All of the current threads are vaguely relevant, but the vagueness must go
and the quality must increase. So I'm killing all currently active threads.
Anyone is free to start a new thread, with a new subject line, and even if
the topic seems to be a continuation of a current thread, I'll allow it, so
long as the result meets SL4s standards of excellence.


--SL4 List Sniper


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