Re: Ethics

From: Maru Dubshinki (
Date: Sat Feb 05 2005 - 19:57:15 MST

The earliest I've ever heard of demarchy (the name given to randomly
selected people ruling) is in Athens, after Solon the Lawgiver's
reforms. Borges was not the first, but he did point out that
somewhere in the system you must get rid of chaos and lot choosing,
because it leads to infinite recursion.
And Buckner, your idea sounds a lot like open-source governance (Does
that movement have a proper name? All I know is the suggestions that
we apply open-source FOSS ideas to governance is not new, and is
attracting attention.).


On Sat, 5 Feb 2005 17:13:59 -0800 (PST), Thomas Buckner
<> wrote:
> Variations of this idea have been around for
> quite a while. I don't know if Borges thought of
> it first, or who. The only fresh view I bring is
> Hofstadter/computer-security-type thinking about
> how to protect the system once it's up. The only
> people who can be trusted with that IMHO are the
> open-source software community. They would
> optimize it faster and more honestly than anyone.
> Tom Buckner

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