RE: Ethics and free will

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 19:36:20 MST

--- "Bantz, Michael S (UMC-Student)"
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> I don't how convincing it is, but the movie,
> "What the bleep do we know?" argues for free
> will by incorporating quantam physics. The
> argument is something like this: there are many
> "realities" and freedom is the act of choosing
> which reality your subjective consciousness
> experiences.
> I'm particulary unsure that the controversy of
> free will should be dismissed as gibberish. In
> fact, I suspect that an understanding of mental
> construction of "possible realities" will be
> vital to powerful A.I. theorys.

I have not yet seen this film though I intend to;
I agree with the idea that we choose paths from
the many which are equally real.
I also agree with your suggestion, and would
expect a SAI to take a keen interest in this. I
can imagine a SAI 'leaking' by leaving this
universe to avoid the heat death or other
unguessable reasons.

Tom Buckner

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