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Date: Tue Feb 01 2005 - 20:52:32 MST

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> --- Thomas Buckner <>
> wrote:
> This is a great article,
> about
> > scientists running a program which is 'not a
> > simulation, but an actual example' of
> evolution,
> > and which has demonstrated that many of the
> > things creationists consider improbable are
> > actually quite probable. For example, even
> > primitive eyes are useful, and complex ones
> > evolve easily. The link Martin offers is for
> that
> > software. Been meaning to go check it out...
> Indeed, the article is far more interesting as
> a vindication of evolution, but
> I figured, if you set the selection pressure
> for "computing power" or something
> (and the agents in article are already doing
> simple number crunching), then you
> could, in principle, evolve AI. All you'd need
> is ton of processing power and
> a lot of time.
> Also, I loved how it demonstrated that
> irreducible complexity could evolve (a
> favorite for Intelligent Design proponents),
> for example, the program with 19
> instructions, which doesn't work if missing any
> one of them.
> Martin
The simple fact is that anti-Darwinists simply
don't like what the science seems to say about
them, and their place in the cosmos. All the rest
is rationalization.
I wouldn't care what they think, except it's part
of the anti-intellectualism undercutting this
country as a scientific power. I just read that
Steve Chen, Seymour Cray's protege, is developing
a new supercomputer: not here but in China.

Handwriting on the wall, if you ask me.

Tom Buckner

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