Re: Ethics (was FAI (aka 'Reality Hacking'))

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2005 - 10:20:07 MST

--- Patrick Crenshaw <>

> > You think there is a class of objective moral
> value
> > functions?
> Sure, why not?
> >Can you give an example?
> I could value the complexity of something, or I
> could value it's
> temperature. Some physical variables will give
> intrinsic value
> functions that might be somewhat like our own
> (complexity), but others
> would be quite strange (temperature).

The moral value function is not the numeric function
that calculates temperature or complexity.
The moral value function is the function that computes
how much a particular bundle of (temperature,
complexity, etc.) is worth, morally.
That's the part where morals enter into the equation.

- Phil

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