RE: Human intelligence is obviously absurd

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2005 - 03:22:55 MST

> > Just like now, it seems plausible that somehow
> > something amazing can be done
> > with quantum computing ... even though as of now we
> > don't really know what
> > exactly, as we have so little relevant experience...
> >
> > -- Ben G
> People frequently try to argue (eg Searle, Penrose)
> that brains are better than computers because there
> is some mysterious non-algorithmic operation that a
> brain can perform, that a computer cannot.
> What will these people say if we develop quantum
> computers, and prove that the reverse holds?
> - Phil G

Well, as I've said before, my view is that

* the brain may or may not rely on macroscopic quantum effects for its
dynamics, but if it does, it may be found not to use them to very good

* via creating clever hybrid classical/quantum computing systems one will
almost surely be able to make systems vastly more intelligent than the brain

-- Ben

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