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Singularity for Dummies?? ;-)

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> Subject: Pocket Guide to the Singularity
> Has anyone thought about writing a Pocket Guide to the Singularity? I'm
> thinking about something the size of a small book, maybe 6-10 chapters
> and 20K to 40K words. It would be written in a language that the
> average /Popular Science/ or /Scientific American/ reader would be able
> to understand. Each chapter could contain a short list of end notes on
> where the reader could go to learn more.
> Since it's the general rule on this list to not post a bunch of
> questions, here's what I think would make a decent chapter list:
> 1. What is the Singularity?
> 2. Who are the the Singularitarians?
> 3. How far off is the Singularity?
> 4. Why not? / Technical Objections
> 5. Why not? / Moral (safety) Objections
> 6. Where to go from here.
> The wiki would be a great place to do most of the writing. Most of the
> content is probably already there, it's just a matter of organizing it
> in a consumable format. I have no idea if we could get it published,
> but who knows... O'Reilly might just be interested in publishing.
> Another good rule is: less talk, more action. I don't intend on this
> post to be just idle talk. I've found myself trying to explain the
> Singularity one too many times already. Even if I can't get a group of
> people to help, I think I'll try to write something up. On that note,
> does anyone want to help?
> Feel free to flame me if you think a project like this would be wholly
> misguided and would result in more damage.
> -Aaron
> -- Aaron McBride

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