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Date: Sun Jan 23 2005 - 10:59:47 MST

--- Ben Goertzel <> wrote:
But what we need to do now for
> AGI is work on integrating
> the different AI tools together in a more
> sophisticated way in the context
> of having Novamente control an embodied agent
> in a simulated environment.
> And this is not work that any of our current
> commercial applications
> supports.
> 3)
> Thankfully, due to a recent $7000 investment,
> I've been able to hire one
> person to focus solely on AGI. What he's doing
> at the moment is building
> the simulation environment in which the
> embodied agent will live, and
> hooking this sim-world up to Novamente. But
> alas, one person isn't
> enough....

In thinking embryonically about writing a
Singularity novel, I concluded that the AI would
need a 'body' but this is the first I've read
that you were approaching it this way. In my
scheme, the AI would have a wireless link to an
actual external body, like a very advanced ASIMO
a full suite of sensory 'organs' and so on, which
would literally be raised by carefully(?) chosen
human parents! In my story the AI escapes his
sandbox by getting a bootleg body and smuggling
out a copy of verself by inventing a new type of
memory that the humans do not recognize as

An AI hooked to such a body does not need a sim
world, although that too can be made available.

Ben continues:
> What I want to demonstrate initially is just
some simple learning and
reasoning. Teach it what the word "on" means by
giving it a bunch of
examples of objects on other objects. Once it
knows what "Put the cup on
the table" means and knows what cups and bowls
are, then show that it
automatically learns what "Put the bowl on the
>table means."

For a moment I thought you meant 'on' as in 'bag
on' which is some sort of monad concept somewhere
on Ben's site. I lost the link before I could
digest it, but I wanted to follow up since it
seemed to lie conceptually near the pi simulation
idea (i.e. how basic can existence get?) and
other concepts I think about more than a little.
An embodied AI with an actual external learning
experience, it seems to me, would start with a
better understanding of what it's like to be us.

Tom Buckner

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