Re: Fuzzy vs Probability

From: Martin Striz (
Date: Sat Jan 15 2005 - 19:49:07 MST

--- maru dubshinki <> wrote:

> False analogy; Hero of Alexanderia long ago proved the basic idea of a
> steam engine, and then on to regular steam engines, and the gearing
> system to turn already invented wheels was already extant when cars were
> invented. Or assembled. So all the pieces were already proven from
> other things. That is not the case with AI. We have no bunch of
> disconnected portions of intelligence which only need to be hooked up
> and tweaked. We can only copy the biological brain, and THEN tweak,
> succeed, and then we can work on optimizing and rationalizing. Which is
> my point- develop and invent AGI on the basis of the current proven one.

But a biological system like a horse or human body is far more complex than a
car. So simpler and more efficient subsystems were utlized. The brain is far
more complex and redundant than an intelligent agent NEEDS to be, so why not
build on simpler subsystems? The design features of the human mind/brain are
constrained by the available toolkit (the genome) and its phylogenetic and
ontogenetic history. We are blessed with forethought and an unlimited toolkit.
 We are allowed to tinker in myriad ways; why not try? In fact, it will
probably be a lot easier to start from scratch than to try to emulate the
mind/brain of H. sapiens.


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