Re: Definition of strong recursive self-improvement

From: Mike Williams (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2005 - 09:40:38 MST

Windows XP has system restore, databases have rollbacks, but a
super-duper AI can't recover from an undesirable code change? I'd think
the AI could do better than those systems: 1) backup self 2) install
mod 3) evaluate mod-self 4) decide not to keep the mod 5) remove
mod (or restore the affect parts) 6) _learn_ from the experience, and
not repeat that particular mod.

It's also been mentioned before that you (or the AI) could spawn a trial
copy of the AI, do the test on it, evaluate (if for no other reason than
to ensure friendliness remains), and only after verification is the new
copy allowed to persist.
Mike W.

Russell Wallace wrote:
Until you look at recursive self-improvement... and note that if the
code you're modifying is yourself, then it's too late to go "oops, I
didn't thought of that, I'll do a patch", when the bug has destroyed
your ability to do the patch.

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