Re: Smart drugs - an intersesting survey

From: Kaj Sotala (
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 09:54:28 MST

From: "Martin Striz" <> :
> keep up, as the curve rises. A vicious cycle ensues, perhaps, but the critics
> miss the point that everybody is still LEARNING MORE, which makes society
> better off. As long as it's safe, people should be all for it.

But is it? After reading that article, I did a few quick Google searches
to see if I could find any actual studies on Ritalin's effects. Admittedly
I didn't look for very long, but the first bunch of sites I found were
scare-stories about the potential dangers and side-effects inherent in
Ritalin. Objective information on this, it seems, is hard to find.

Myself, I'm curious about the effects of Ritalin and the two other
intellect-boosting drugs mentioned in the article, but I'd also like
to have some more information about it first. I wouldn't mind having
the extra edge (who would?) this drug is claimed to provide, but I
also don't want to start meddling with addictive, psyche-altering
substances before I'm a little more certain that they're actually
useful and can be used without risk.

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