Newtonmas Reminder

From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Sun Dec 19 2004 - 13:05:29 MST

Hi, all!

As many of you know, Newtonmas is fast approaching and it's the final
crunch to get gifts. This year, consider giving a gift that will have
profound effects for the future. Give the gift of a donation to SIAI.

Making a Newtonmas donation to SIAI in someone's name is particularly
important this year because SIAI is seeking permanent non-profit
status. If SIAI earns this designation, your donations will continue
to be tax-deductible, thus making your donations to SIAI count twice:
once for the future, and once for your taxes. SIAI is almost there,
and it'd be terrible to fall short of the goal now that we're so close.

So if you haven't already donated a huge sum of money to SIAI (i.e.
your donations would count towards public support), consider making of
gift donation this Newtonmas.

For those of you who haven't celebrated Newtonmas with us before, check
out my short description of the holiday here:
. Please feel free to forward this message to anyone or any mailing
list that you think would be receptive. I'm only sending it to SL4:
the rest of the work is up to you!

Have a Happy Newtonmas!

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