AGI Simulation World Project with Novamente

From: David Hart (
Date: Sun Dec 19 2004 - 13:00:50 MST

Hi All,

The AGI-SIM project will develop a Novamente system specialized to
control an embodied agent, interacting linguistically and "physically"
with other agents and objects in a simulated world.

For more information on the project, see the AGI-SIM Development Plan
<> and also the Novamente
Development Roadmap <> (milestone M10).

To complete the M10 milestone by the end of 2005, AGIRI (the Artificial
General Intelligence Research Institute) has launched a drive to raise
$80,000 dedicated to pure AGI research. For more information on how
AGIRI operates and how donations are handled, see the contributions
<> page.

We believe that upon completion of the AGI-SIM project, AGIRI will be
well-poised to raise the larger-dollar research funding needed to move
Novamente quickly toward its longer-term AGI goals. The AGI-SIM
application of Novamente may also open up new commercial possibilities,
for instance in the area of partnerships with firms developing mobile
robotics technology.

For more information about Novamente, see the new concise but deep
single-page description located at the AGIRI home page
<>, and the eight-page technical paper at Novamente: An
Integrative Architecture for General Intelligence
<>. A new series of books that will
describe Novamente's conceptual and technical under-pinnings in great
detail is due for publication in 2005.


David Hart

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