Re: {Semi-Fluff} Anti-Singularitarianism

From: Simon Gordon (
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 11:17:37 MST

 --- Robin Lee Powell <>
> On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 10:59:06PM +0000, Simon
> Gordon wrote:
> > --- Robin Lee Powell
> <> wrote:
> > > 5. Therefore, if we achieve the Singularity,
> the world will
> > > end. The Singularity must be stopped at any
> cost.
> >
> > This is illogical. If the world does end because
> of a Singularity
> > it will only be the simulated world that has
> ended, which doesnt
> > matter right?
> It matters a lot to the people who only exist in the
> simulation,
> i.e. you and me.

You are telling me you are an NPC? Ok. But speak for
yourself ;-)
> > An individual consciousness that was terminated
> would presumably
> > return to the world where it began prior to
> entering the
> > simulation
> What a bizarre assumption.

Is it? i dont think it is anymore bizarre than
i will wake up in the same place that i go to sleep,
despite all the dreaming and changes in consciousness
that happen in between. If the hosts have the power to
turn off the sim, then the sim cannot be completely
dissociated from the host world. I see no reason why
they wouldnt be able to transfer a consciousness from
their world into our sim world and back again. I
suppose it boils down to what you would expect the
ethical standards of our hosts to be. Would they
really allow sentient beings to be born and destroyed
for self-interest in the same way that humans treat
cattle? Or is it more likely that we are here for
experience or education or some other perhaps more
sophisticated motive?

Simon G.

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