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Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 07:36:49 MST

I am a huge fan of Ray Kurzweil and all of his writing. I have read his new
book Fantastic Voyage - Live Long Enough to Live Forever. Prior to that the
co-author Terry Grossman wrote Baby Boomers Guide to Living Forever in 2000
which I read in 2003. They recommend taking many supplements as well as
many other recommendations, including cryonics in Grossman's book (which I
signed up for too). I recommend everyone read Kurzweil's marvelous book. I
have taken supplements and feel much better on a daily basis. (Before
reading these books, I would never take anything unless I was almost dying).
The key supplements are multivitamins and fish oil, which I have taken for
two years. Since reading Kurzweil's book, I now have added several more
such as cholesterol control for my high LDL count, melatonin at night, just
started phosphatydicholine, and others. These ideas really work as Ray,
himself, is living proof.

I am working with co-author Terry Grossman's office remotely (he's in
Denver)to obtain the genomics tests. His office is 877-liv4ever or
877-548-4387 or I am unable to find these tests anywhere
else. They mentioned the costs is $438 for all plus you may have to fork
over $250 for consultation. You can do these tests through the mail with
his office. If you want the full nine yards of tests, Grossman's office in
Denver will do it for $5,000 - which is more than I want to spend currently.

This stuff I understand. I just have no idea on what to make of this
multi-verse talk, which makes no sense to me. I wish someone would explain
why I should believe in the multi-verse and what it is.

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Subject: life extension - genomic tests

Not sure if this is off-topic, but I have just purchased Ray Kurzweil's book

"fantastic voyage - live long enough to live forever" in which he recommends

a special diet and particular supplements to extend life-span until more
radical life extension technologies become available.

In this book, the author recommends getting a full panel of genomic tests,
to find out anomalies in your genetic code and taking specific supplements
to counteract the effects of these mutations.

I was just wondering if anyone on the list is following this regime and if
they have noticed any difference, especially with brain supplements such as
phosatydil-choline and phosphatidyl-serine and intravenous shots.

PS: if anyone has done genetic testing, could you mail me privately and tell

me the cost, scope and location where you took the exams?


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