Re: Yehuda Yudkowsky, 1985-2004

From: Psy Kosh (
Date: Thu Nov 18 2004 - 22:03:44 MST

First, that is indeed awful. I'm sorry.

I guess what you do have though is the ability to say that you are
indeed actually doing something about it, so do take what comfort from
that that you can.

Also, even though it was too late to preserve him, if, as I understand
it, information cannot be totally destroyed, then effectively his
final state (and all the states previous) are spreading out as
entropy, ultimately moving out with his lightcone. So if you wish,
whenever something goes well to to a particularly fortuitus event tied
to something sufficiently sensetive to minor fluctuations, well, can
if you wish imagine that to be a tiny whisper of his final shadow.

I am not taking this to mean anything more than it does, and do not
suggest you to, but still, that may be a slight comfort to keep in
mind. Perhaps in a sense meaningless, but comforting nontheless. (When
something sufficiently sensative goes wrong... blame the hot air from
any politician you don't like. :P)

And while depending on these would be irrational, perhaps you may
allow yourself to at least hope in the possibility that an the result
of an FAI may be able to discover a way to outrace light and
reconstruct all the final states. It may not much of a hope, but it
may help. And again, remember that, either way, you are working to put
an end to this.

And again, I'm sorry.


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