Re: META: Memes and War [was: Tomorrow is a new day]

From: Maru (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 14:56:28 MST

    I've heard you say this before, Keith, and I must ask: how
would a stressed population dare to war, or be able to? And what
about populaces that are up and coming and want theirs
(imperialist nations, say)? Surely no one will argue that
Germany was willing to instigate WWI because they were
'stressed', or America going whole hog in WWII, or less so in
WWI, was because they were under some stress. ALthough I could
see ailing empires trying to prop themselves up with war- it
happened with Britain, and I wonder if it is happening with

--- Keith Henson <> wrote:

The point to my stuff was about stressed human populations
> being a fertile
> media for war memes.

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