From: Patrick Crenshaw (
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 14:02:59 MST

With the recent talk about how much money it would take to actually
start programming the seed AI, I remembered something I heard about
Google: They let their employees spend about 20% of their time at work
on personal projects. Since they have a very large number of very
smart people with skills that would be needed to code a seed AI, and
anyone likely to help would also spend a good deal of their time at
home as well as their 20% at work on the seed AI, perhaps this could
greatly cut down on the amount of money needed to actually start the

As a completely unrelated point of information, Malcolm Gladwell, of
"The Tipping Point" fame, has a new book coming out that may be of
some interest to some of you. There are a few excerpts on his web
The third excerpt is on the same subject as one of his articles for
the New Yorker, titled "The Naked Face", which is in the articles
section of his website.

Perhaps that wasn't such an unrelated point of information as we might
be able use the ideas in "The Tipping Point" to identify the people
within Google who could help us spread the word about SIAI and
persuade others to help.

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