Creating a transhumanist consulting firm

From: Giu1i0 Pri5c0 (
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 23:03:50 MDT

I have done some thinking on the possibility to create a transhumanist
consulting firm. The rationale is that both large firms and
governments will need information and advice on how things will
change, how to make money with forthcoming changes, and what public
policies to implement. There are plenty of futurist think tanks, but
few willing to study radical medium/long term scenarios, still
considered like SF by the mainstream, including radical life
extension, conscious AIs, cryonics, brain implants, uploading, etc. We
do a lot of thinking on these issues for fun, it would be good doing
it also for money, and with the brainpower of some folks on
transhumanist lists I am sure we can provide a very useful service.
What I have in mind is a flexible partnership of indepedent
consultants where the income minus expenses is redistributed to
partners according to the
previously agreed amount of work done. If things develop well I will
be looking forward to doing this full time, and I hope to assemble a
team with a few core staff and a larger network of people available to
collaborate on a specific project basis.
Now I plan to start looking for partners and brainstorm to elaborate a
detailed plan.
I am not sure of the name and it is better not to rush, so to fix
ideas I have chosen the temporary name "Transwer ltd" and reserved the
We will switch to a better name if we find one.

I have created the Yahoogroup transwerbiz:

as a planning workspace, please join if you are interested as the
brainstorming will take place there.
Things to discuss are:
- Business model (what to sell to whom and how)
- Partnerships e.g. Foresight, CRNano, SIAI, the transhumanist
non-profit think tank under formation, etc.
- Where to incorporate and in which form
- Name and domain name
- Organization
- Business development
While I am mainly interested in the European market, a possibility is
incorporating branches in different places.
I have many ideas, some I believe quite promising, but I prefer
disclosing them on the Yahoogroup which is restricted and not visible
to the world. Also, I assume that many people on the lists are not too
interested, so the polite thing to do is continuing the discussion on
a separate list. So again, please join if you are interested.

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