RE: The Psychodynamic Perspective

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 23:19:36 MDT

--- Mitchell Porter
<> wrote:

> we have the SL4
> Technocrat Tag Team, who (despite their
> weakness
> for 'all-is-information' cosmologies) I'd say
> are
> fundamentally atheists, materialists and
> pragmatists,
> and most of whom would prefer the openly bogus
> "dilithium crystal" to the apparently
> pseudoscientific
> "holoscape manifold".

All *is* information, in some way. This
conclusion is all that remains after Occam's
Razor scrapes all the upper layers of
implementation off reality. Physics is
expressible in mathematics because physics is an
expression of mathematics.
The questions this poses are:
1.) What are the exact mechanisms that make
physics arise from mathematics (i.e. what sort of
'virtual machine' is physics run upon?)
2.) What irreducible background exists upon which
the 'virtual machine' runs?
3.) How can we or a SAI use this to best
advantage? When it comes to manipulating
information, what seems impossible today can seem
easy tomorrow.

> SL4ers,
> meanwhile,
> are likely to view "psychodynamics" as more of
> a cult
> than a science, and will react with the
> characteristic
> hostility of people on the receiving end of an
> unrequested psychoanalytic diagnosis.

I had a few sessions last year with a kindly old
shrink who told me "When we first met, you
presented as a case of Don Quixote syndrome."
I said, "I have no problem with that. The world
needs a few of those."

Tom Buckner

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