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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 06:15:28 MDT

> > Inspired by Marc Geddes' earlier remarks on
> > Universal Morality, and earlier
> > discussions on this list, I took an hour and a half
> > while sitting on a
> > flight to LA for a business trip this morning and
> > wrote a little essay on
> > "universal ethics" from my perspective. Friendly AI
> > gets a brief mention
> > near the end, but most of it is pure philosophy
> > (ethics, metaphysics and
> > evolutionary theory):
> >
> >
> >
> > -- Ben G
> >
> Excellent. Now you are beginning to think in terms of
> the interaction of a Universal ethic with a 'Personal'
> ethic (specific cultural human rules etc).
> Keep my fundamental equation of reality in mind:
> Univeral Morality x Personal Morality = Mind

Well, if I wanted to pseudo-equationalize some of the key points of my essay
on universal ethics, I'd say something more like:

continuous pattern-sympathy (the property that patterns tend to grow, and
tend to do so continuously over time)
universal compassion, cultural mind & individual mind
universal compassion * specific moral biases ==>_C individual & cultural
individual & cultural mind ==>_C specific moral biases
cultural morality <==>_C individual morality
cultural mind <==>_C individual mind
cultural morality <==>_C cultural mind
individual morality <==>_C individual mind
Here my * operator simply means
"A*B is the result of A interacting with B for a while"
and  my
A ==>_L B
operator means logical implication (when A is present, then B is present)
and my
A ==>_C B
operator means that A has a big effect on B
A <==>_C B
operator means that A and B have big effects on each other.
I don't see much value in such pseudo-equations, myself.  But perhaps they
are useful for communicating with some ;-)
--Ben G

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