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From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 23:13:39 MDT

 --- Ben Goertzel <> wrote:
> Marc,
> I think it would be great if you'd summarize your
> ideas on AI, FAI, morality
> and life in general into a crisp & coherent
> document, and post the URL to
> the list.
> I can see you've done a lot of deep thinking about
> these issues, but it's
> often hard for me to piece together your ideas from
> your various posts,
> into a coherent point of view...
> -- Ben G

Well, a long while back I had a few ideas of my own
for a general FAI theory and I've basically just been
blurting out 'stream of consciousness' thoughts to
this list as I was developing my theory. Iím gonna
stop now, so you'll have to take it or leave it ;)

Not so long ago I did post a quick summary of my
entire world-view on my web-site ('The
Libertarian-Transhumanist Philosophical Platform').
I've taken that down now, but you can still read the
draft that was posted at 'Transhumanity'. Here was the

But that was not directly dealing with my FAI theory.
Not only is my theory a theory of FAI, it is also a
kind of 'Theory of Everything'.

Of course, fundamental principles are one thing, hard
math is quite another. I'm under no illusions on the
'hard maths' score. That stuff would be well beyond
my ability. What I've think I've got here is an
understanding of the fundamental principles. But
formalizing those principles would be beyond me, and
would probably take many years. What I have here is
analogous to Einsteinís 'Equivalence Principle' of
General Relativity, or the founders of QM's principle
of 'wave/particle duality'. Obviously, an ordinary
person can understand fundamental principles. But
equally obviously, fundamental principles are a long
way from rigorous formal solutions, which would
require the work of a genius over many years.

The main value of Singularity Institute was to get
people looking into these issues, to publicize any key
ideas of critical importance, like Bayesian reasoning,
the need for Friendliness, the importance of altruism
and volition etc. Many things which I started off
knowing nothing about. Sing Inst got me started
looking into these things.

Eliezer certainly does have a terrifying intelligence
level, as others have noted ;) But it can be *teeny*
bit 1-dimensional at times. In any event, it appears
that one doesn't need to be a *super-genius* to grasp
the fundamentals. It just takes a brain of
*moderately good* intelligence and a lot of deep
thinking. A fair number of people could get there in
the end I think. Of course, as I mentioned,
fundamentals are one thing, hard maths is just
another. Formalizing the fundamentals to a proper
rigorous theory will probably take years and *really
will* require a *super genius* I think.

I might try writing an E-Book, where I'll clearly and
logically lay down my theory. This is less work and
one can self-publish. In fact this could be a good
idea for everyone with a theory of their own. This
might also be an excellent option for Eliezer and

O.K, so here's a possible teaser for the E-Book
describing my theory:


Universal Cognition x Person Cognition = Qualia

A simple equation describing the relationship between
'Mind' and 'Universe'. A simple equation fully
explaining reality in terms of the partitioning
between 'Self' and 'Other'

One equation. One solution. One secret. The secret
to FAI. The secret to the universe!

Learn the answer today, just $9.95 ;)

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