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Date: Sun Oct 24 2004 - 15:01:45 MDT

"Damien Broderick" <> wrote...
> At 10:35 PM 10/23/2004 -0400, Ralph Cerchione wrote:
> >I suppose I may be the oldest SL4 on the list.
> Hahahahahaha! If only! (Welcome, Ralph!)
Laughter, eh? Well, fair enough. Though I don't think I've heard that anyone
else was imagining something _that_ close to contemporary Singulatarian
thinking before the Engines of Creation, I can't argue that the 50s and 60s
were full of transcendant techno-utopian visions. If you were a
nine-year-old Singulatarian too, then well met, brother. =)

> >I can't really think of any proper nanotech
> >(assemblers and all) floating around in the popular culture before
> >book.
> Depends what you were reading. Stanislaw Lem's hive machines in THE
> INVINCIBLE (Polish 1964; English 1973) came close.
Well, kind of, I guess. (You know, it's strange, but I read a great deal of
Lem and C.S. Lewis as a kid, but didn't hit any of their ultra-tech concepts
until college or at least late high school. Curse them and their low-tech
philosophical ramblings. =) )

By the way, nice book, Damien. Or what I've read, anyway. =)

> Damien Broderick

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