RE: SIAI: Donate Today and Tomorrow

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Oct 24 2004 - 09:46:49 MDT

> > Furthermore, there are plenty of European universities that
> will give a PhD
> > based on research only, no coursework. After publishing a
> treatise on FAI,
> > it might well be possible to get a PhD on the basis of that
> book. I have
> > some particular European university connections that might be helpful in
> > this regard. I also believe I could help with the publication
> of the book,
> > as I know a few editors at academic presses.
> Hm. Sounds like a lot of conjunctive probabilities...

Well, I'm very close to 100% sure I could get the book published for you, by
a respected academic press.

Getting the PhD based on the book is not so guaranteeable, though I'd give
it pretty high odds.

But I do understand that book-writing takes time. Which is why the
long-awaited Novamente book(s) aren't out yet. It's hard to prioritize
writing about Novamente over working on Novamente, or even over working on
commercial projects whose revenue is funding Novamente development. And
yet, the Novamente books are not too far from completion now >grin<

> I wouldn't *do* FAI, I'd update LOGI to incorporate Bayes and information
> theory, and write the book on the evolutionary psychology of human
> "significantly more generally applicable" intelligence. If I wanted
> academic respect and a PhD, I'd write on a subject that I already fully
> understood, people were already interested in, and that was at least
> theoretically possible to explain.

I agree, a book-length and more rigorous and detailed version of LOGI would
be a great place to start.

-- Ben

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