RE: SIAI: Donate Today and Tomorrow

From: David Massoglia (
Date: Fri Oct 22 2004 - 12:32:50 MDT

The opinions shared on this board are way too complex for most people to
understand. I have been watching for a few months and many comments are not
in my areas of study and make no sense. Further, it appears that instead of
simplifying responses to get more people to understand, Eliezer and others
seem to write as complex as possible, which goes against my training to
write things as much as possible so an 8th grader could understand (which is
sometimes impossible, but could be a goal for your writing or at least a
plea from me to help me understand what is going on).
I say the above to share that most people including me have not contributed
to this cause, because:

1) They don't understand enough about what you are doing (they would have to
do it on faith). I do understand this point.
2) They don't know why Eleizer is better than anyone else and should
contribute to him rather than someone else. I am not convinced.
3) It seems hard to believe that a small group with even a genius at its
lead is going to change the world much before it was ready to happen anyway.
I am not convinced.
4) Why are you relying on donations instead of concurrently doing something
useful for humanity and make profits along the way so you don't have to rely
on hand-outs so much?

If the bottom 3 points are answered satisfactorily in a simplified manner
that convinces me, I would be willing to donate some of my hard earned

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