RE: [agi] A difficulty with AI reflectivity

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Date: Fri Oct 22 2004 - 05:32:28 MDT


While it's true that human reasoning is probabilistic (and also based on
non-explicitly-probabilistic heuristics for uncertainty management), that's
not the main point regarding the applicability of Godel's Theorem and
associated results to human intelligence. I think the main point is that
human reasoning is inconsistent, unlike theorem-proving-based AI systems.
Probabilistic systems can still be treated within the standard framework of
mathematical logic. Treating inconsistent systems within the formal logic
framework is harder, though there have been many attempts, e.g. under the
name of "paraconsistent logic." In fact I think the human brain displays a
special kind of probabilistic paraconsistency.

About impracticality -- Schmidhuber (whose Godel machine Eli is discussing)
is trying to make a theory of AGI by starting from
infinite-processing-power AGI and "working down" to finite-processing-power
AGI. I guess this approach can give significant insights, but it can't tell
you everything you need to know to make a finite-processing-power AGI...

-- Ben

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> Hi Eliezer and others
> While I'm not very familiar with Godel's theories etc, I want
> to add that human reasoning is fundamentally probabilistic.
> We are seldom able to *prove* something as true or false, rather
> we perceive subjectively whether something is likely or not.
> This property follows from our brain's neural basis. I'm not
> entirely sure how did formal logic emerge from human thinking,
> but it must be an emergent property rather than a primary one.
> Also I think Eliezer's questions are consistently too removed
> from practical issues. It is very important for AGI groups to
> collaborate to solve real problems.
> --
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