Another one of my 'big picture' philosophical schemata

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Date: Fri Oct 22 2004 - 00:56:21 MDT

See if you guys find this entertaining/informative.
I've come with yet another philosophical schemata of

My 'fundamental formula' of reality:

* Universal Cognition x Personal Cognition = Qualia

Let me try to explain it. I think that there are 3
major 'meta-functions' which pervade reality. These I

(1) The possibility function (POSF)
(2) The progression function (PROF)
(3) The grounding function (GROF)

I also think that everything that sentient minds do
can be classified into 4 major kinds of 'output'

(1) Prediction qualia (PQ)
(2) Explanation qualia (EQ)
(3) Value (goal) qualia (VQ)
(4) Freedom (action) qualia (FQ)

Let's return to my 'fundamental theorem of reality'

*Universal Cognition x Personal Cognition = Qualia

The 'Qualia' term refers to the 4 major output qualia

The 'Universal Cognition' term refers to the
'Possibility' function of reality (POSF).

The 'x' (multiplication or 'Transform' sign) term
refers to the 'Progresson' function of reality (PROF).
 This can be thought of as a sort of 'mapping' or
'bridge' between 'Universal Cognition' and 'Personal

The 'Personal Cognition' term refers to the
'Grounding' function of reality (GROF)

I will now fill in the 4*4 matrix with the 12 words
that I think fully describe how a sentient mind works.

*Ouput Qualia = Prediction

Possibility function = Multiverse
Progression function = Computation
Grounding function = Sense of Time Flow

So :

Multiverse x (Computation) Sense of Time Flow =


*Output Qualia = Explanation

Possibility function = Probability scape
Progression function = Induction
Grounding function = Godelian Self-Reflection


Probability scape x (Induction) Godel Self-Reflection

= Explanation

*Output Qualia = Value

Possibility function = Complexity
Progression function = Life
Grounding function = Self-Improvement


Complexity x (Life) Self-Improvement

= Value

*Output Qualia = Freedom

Possibility function = Free Market
Progression function = Person-hood
Grounding function = Volition


Free Market x (Person-hood) Volition

= Freedom

Or to sum up the whole grid:

Universal Cognition/'x'/Personal Cognition/=Qualia

Multiverse/Computation/Time flow/=Prediction
Complexity scape/Life/Self-Improvement/=Valuation
Free market/Person-hood/Volition/=Freedom

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