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Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 00:59:34 MDT

 --- Wei Dai <> wrote:

> Georg Cantor and Emil Post (who in the 20s proved
> results similar to
> Gödel, Church, and Turing but didn't publish them)
> went insane. Gödel and
> Turing both killed themselves. A rather worrisome
> correlation between
> the diagonalization argument and mental breakdown...

Well, yes, it seems that too much contemplation of the
issues surrounding Godel, self-reference etc is
driving people mad ;)

But it's important that we find out whether Eli was
correct here, since if he's right, his point would
actually be *the key to the entire FAI project*

Now here was Eli's main point..

"...In more familiar terms, it would seem that
Schmidhuber's Gödel Machine must
prove a new proof system is consistent in order to
accept it, and that runs
smack dab into Gödel's original theorem. Any system
that can prove its own
consistency is inconsistent. "

Was he mis-interpreting the paper? Or is this

You know, that sad old man Penrose may have been half
right after all... understanding Godelization could
indeed be *the key* to understanding general

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