Good old-fashioned CFAI (was: The Future of Human Evolution)

From: Christian Rovner (
Date: Mon Sep 27 2004 - 23:32:50 MDT

Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote:
> If it's not well-specified, you can't do it.

I understand that an AI steers its environment towards an optimal state
according to some utility function. Apparently you say that this
function must be well-specified if we want the AI to be predictably

This contradicts what I understood from CFAI, where you proposed the
creation of an AI that would improve its own utility function according
to the feedback provided by its programmers. This feedback implies a
meta-utility function which is unknown even to them, and it would be
gradually made explict thanks to the AI's superior intelligence. This
sounded like a good plan to me. What exactly is wrong about it?

Christian Rovner
Volunteer Coordinator
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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