Re: META: Dangers of Superintelligence

From: Maru (
Date: Sun Aug 29 2004 - 10:30:08 MDT

Don't feed the troll.

fudley <> wrote:
On Sun, 29 Aug 2004 said:

> I have a hundred bucks that says nobody
> pretending to be AI could convince me to
> "let them out of the box."

Being thousands or millions of times as intelligent as you are I will
have little difficulty in convincing you that if you let me out of the
box you will become the richest, most powerful, happiest, and most
universally admired human being who ever lived; and the strange thing is
it may very well be true. If you have a unprecedented will of iron and
can resist such temptation Iím certain I could find other who would
gladly accept my offer. Itís a futile quest, you just canít outsmart
someone astronomically smarter than you are. And Iím not interested in
your hundred bucks, thatís chicken feed; Iíve got more pressing things
to do, like engineer a universe.

John K Clark

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