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Date: Thu Aug 19 2004 - 03:39:07 MDT

 --- Christian Szegedy <> wrote:

> Marc Geddes wrote:
> Apropos Chaitin: do you also believe that Chaitins
> omega can
> be approximatad with arbitrary accuracy?

Of course. Chaitin's omega is the perfect example of
what I'm talking about. Mathematicians said that it
was proven to be 'uncomputable' and didn't even bother
trying to work out the digits. But Calude determined
the first 64 bits with ease. 'Approximate with
arbitrary accuracy' in this context just means
determining as many of the digits of omega as one

>From New Scientist:

"Calude has little respect for "unbreakable" barriers.
Last year, New Scientist published a story about
Omega, a bizarre number linked to Turing's proof that
there are things computers can't do (10 March 2001, p
28). There was thought to be no way to even begin
calculating the random sequence of digits that make up
Omega. But we're now able to publish the first 64
digits (below).

Contrary to all expectations, calculating these bits
wasn't that hard."

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