RE: Geddes's 'Moral Perturbation Theory'

From: mike99 (
Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 12:46:45 MDT

Metaqualia wrote:

> > You mentioned qualia-less things such as "super zombie worlds."
> and I did not say I think such things are possible, nor made claims as to
> how we could identify zombies, I was merely presenting the futility of a
> zombie existence even with fantastic technological achievements.
> mq

If such things are not possible, then why even consider them?

Since there is no way to distinguish a zombie from a human being, then what
is true of one is true of the other. So are you saying that human existence
is also futile even with fantastic technological achievements?

If zombies are not different from humans, and if qualia are not measurable
or discernible -- being matters of belief like gods and demons and souls --
then I suggest that we dismiss them. Why argue about imaginary entities?

Mike LaTorra

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