Re: Geddes's 'Moral Perturbation Theory'

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 03:01:50 MDT

> >> You mean something like putting everyone on heroin? Happiness is a
> >
> > and what is wrong with that if it had no side effects? Better to be
> > wretched
> > and in anguish, that is natural?
> This is all the proof I require that your qualia based system is
> bankrupt.

Because you are thinking of drugs as having side effects, such as not being
able to function as a person, destroying brain cells, and so forth. I said
"if it had no side effects", as in a perfect mood enhancer, something that
could transform a miserable person into a very happy person without needing
to jump off buildings or hallucinating, which is very probably possible
(since there are happy people around who don't hallucinate or jump off

You are and have been in the past too dismissive and have a know-it-all
attitude that is not (nice nor) justified given that you are presenting no
data to back up your assessment.


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