Re: CV works! 'Moral Perturbation Theory'

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 06:50:21 MDT

> brightest.. the Gandhi's, Einstein's etc.

Gandhi? Was he smarter than hitler?

> collective volition of humanity is largely represented
> by only these few hundred people plus a smaller
> 'perturbation'. The smaller 'perturbation' would be
> the moral influence of the rest of the people in the
> world. Remember the astronomy analogy. To increase
> the accuracy of the first order approximation, we
> would simply expand the pool of people under
> consideration, in order of decreasing cognitive

larger celestial bodies create more gravitational attraction; it is not
entirely clear that IQ should dictate the amount of moral weight.

> just start by factoring in the ones exerting the most
> 'moral influence' on their psyche. As more mental
> characteristics are considered, the 'moral

things are not that smooth. say that tomorrow i start doing experiments on
rats. according to your reasoning this only has the potential of marginally
changing the amount of empathy I feel toward lower mammals and increasing my
dislike for closed environments. In reality this could completely change my
moral system, while monitoring rats brain states I may develop qualia based
objective morality and from that point go sharply against the rest of
humanity when it comes to moral matters.

> analogy. A database of 'human mental characteristics'
> would be consulted, moving from a small number of
> generic characteristics exerting large 'moral
> influence' on the psyche, to a larger number of more

Such a one to one relationship may be too simplistic. Every "added"
personality trait or mental characteristic can flip everything...


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