Bah! CV is a fantasy. What about a demarchy?

From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 00:30:41 MDT

CV is a fascinating idea, like I said, but even after
thinking longer, faster etc I SILL don't think it's
possible, even in principle. My current volition is
an extrapolation of the volition of my old self that
first read the CV document. And this extrapolated
volition still says its impossible ;)

I think the doubters are likely to be right. Just too
much data, not even coherence and I don't think even a
single person's volition can be found, even in
principle, without running an actual simulation of
their brain state (which would defeat the purpose
because the simulation would be conscious).

If we rule out CV as a global system, we have to ask
what other global system might be more practical. I
favor demarchy. Yes, I'm back to speculating about
what would be a 'nice place to live' ;) (Marc looks

Here's what I speculating an FAI might do: Give each
'person' rights according to their cognitive
abilites. By 'cognitive abilities' I am not just
referring to IQ, I'm referring to the totality of
cognitive abilities (emotional experiences,
creativity, etc etc). The advantage of this system is
that all forms of sentience can be included; animals,
dolphins, FAI's, cyborgs, you name it. Each is given
rights according to their capacity for cognition.
Animals would have only a little say, but still some.
Humans would have more say. And super-human FAI's
would have much more say.

So rather than FAI being a non-sentient optimization
process leading to CV, I am proposing a more human
like sentient FAI using an altruistic human with
transpersonal philosophy as a template, which I think
might then implement a global demarchy.

Initally the FAI would have the majority of the voting
power in the demarchy, since it's cognitive abilities
are likely to exceed those of all the other sentients
on the planet combined. But then as people are
offered uplifting, they will be entitled to expanded
rights (and hence more voting power). Over time (as
humanity 'grows up' via uplifting ) the demarchy moves
in the direction of standard democracy as the voting
power moves away from the original FAI and shifts back
to the uplifted humans.

A more practical possibility than Collective Volition?

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