Re: Friendly? Why would it be friendly?

From: alexboko (
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 12:03:30 MDT

fudley wrote:

>Question: What happens to a human who has no self interest or self worth
>and is treated like dirt by those close to him because it is assumed
>(incorrectly) he has no true feelings?
>Answer: People in that position tend to kill themselves or become serial
>ax murderers.
>Question: Is there any reason to think an AI in the same situation would
>react much differently?
>Answer: No.
That's kind of a straw-man, since I doubt anybody in this community
would make the assumption that AIs have no true feelings or advocate
treating them like dirt. I think this community would agree that an AI
designed incorrectly or taught incorrectly would not be friendly, just
like abused children often grow up to be unfriendly humans. That doesn't
meen that the existance of child abuse is an argument against raising
children, does it?

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