Re: Collective Volition: Wanting vs Doing.

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Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 01:22:43 MDT

 --- Jef Allbright <> wrote: >

> All of these tendencies are thermodynamic in nature
> and progressive.
> This is why I call this thinking the Arrow of
> morality. Some jump to
> the conclusion that this is the Naturalistic Fallacy
> in new clothes, but
> if you look closely here there are no "oughts"
> imposed on what "is".
> It's just the the Naturalistic Wisdom that it's
> better to choose what works.
> - Jef

In order to determine that: 'it's better to choose
what works' one needs to:

(a) Specify some goals. Any goals you choose can
only come from your brain (i.e what 'is')
(b) Investigate the world (i.e look at what 'is') in
order to discover the causal connections between an
action and its consequences
(c) Decide which action/s would have consequences
most in line (a) then state that one 'ought' to
perform these actions.

In other words: ought from is.

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