Re: Summary of current FAI thought

From: Metaqualia (
Date: Sat Jun 05 2004 - 05:02:03 MDT

> I did not say it would not understand "qualia". The FRPOP has to
> understand "qualia" so as to create zombies instead of real people when it

OOOhhhh _now_ we start talking about qualia! But I remember Elizier and
others saying that *theories that cannot be tested and that do not have any
effect on the real world are a waste of time as they will prove to be just
some stupid illusion of humans* or something like that.

If your collective volition understands qualia (which in my opinion would
REQUIRE it to experience them) then I think it has a very formidable tool
with which to assess the moral content of certain situations. And it
wouldn't need to extrapolate anything either; current present likelihood of
creating neg/pos qualia could drive the process. Factor in potential for
future creation of positive qualia (which indirectly implies growth), and
factor in the possible presence of metaqualia (different states of being of
extremely intense awareness, superior layers of existence that would make
human life seem as dull as a rock's)...

In order to maximize positive qualia the religious delusions of certain
groups will need to be corrected but this will need to be done in a way that
does not create anguish or despair in these people. It really seems that
maximizing positive qualia (while preserving complexity if you wish) would
create all the specific requirements that we have been listing such as
freedom, growth, joy, love and laughter, creating a nice place to live,
letting christians know that they are wrong without offending them,
illogical memes etc.

Measuring Qualia requires discovering new physics. That's what a
superintelligence is for.
I have previously described a way in which the ai could be bootstrapped into
caring about qualia.


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