RE: SIAI will self-destruct

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Fri Jun 04 2004 - 18:41:27 MDT

--- Ben Goertzel <> wrote:
> > Some of your points seem valid to me, David, but I
> > think you do not understand that this is no normal
> > investment! If the SIAI effort fails and UFAI
> results,
> > it's razor blades all around. If it succeeds, the
> > investors will not get their money back. They will
> > live in a world so transformed that economics as
> they
> > knew it is without meaning. What will money mean
> in a
> > world where you can go out in the yard and say,
> "I'd
> > like a Bugatti" and it assembles itself out of the
> > dirt?
> > Tom
> Tom,
> There's no question that "the positive Singularity"
> is worthy of
> investment.
> The question is whether donating to SIAI will really
> have the effect of
> increasing the odds of a positive Singularity, or
> whether some other use
> of one's money could have a greater useful impact.
> -- Ben G

Yes, and I still wonder whether projects are going
forward elsewhere on the other side of the world with
teams who never read CFAI and for that matter have
completely different ideas about individual/collective
Incidentally, I think that general AI research in this
country could get shut down like stem cell research
did (I mentioned this in an offline message). I can
easily imagine you, for example, having to decamp
hastily for Brazil to continue on Novamente. For this
reason I have not mentioned Singularity research AT
ALL in certain circles. I think you may be better off
in the shadows. Better to be underfunded than to draw
the notice of people who are threatened by everything
about your project. The Dark Ages have not ended yet,
as my favorite author says.


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