RE: Volitional Morality and Action Judgement

From: Michael Wilson (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 09:56:49 MDT

> You are positing that all the "really good people"
> basically agree with the SIAI perspective.

Yes, for the same reason that I posit all the really good
physicists accept general relativity as the starting point
for further work. If you think that AI is an area where
different points of view can be equally good, you have
already failed.

> I wonder, what criterion have you used to assess the
> "goodness" of people, which is independent of whether or
> not they agree with the SIAI perspective? ;-)

Note that my assessments of people's AI skill ratings are
purely for personal use at this time. But anyway, beyond
understanding basic theory, there is the question of what
interesting things people have implemented and what
interesting advanced theories they may have come up with.

 * Michael Wilson


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