RE: FAI: Collective Volition

From: Mike (
Date: Tue Jun 01 2004 - 23:43:38 MDT

> >
> > How can we possibly get an SAI, excuse me, a "Friendly
> Really Powerful
> > Optimization Process". to successfully extrapolate the full
> collective
> > volition of humanity? At this point in the game we can't
> even master
> > simple DWIM applications. We do not have AIs that are capable of
> > understanding immediate volition much less the full
> extended volition.
> Huge progress in AI is required to do this? Yes, no kidding.
> Leave that
> part to SIAI. For the moment we speak only of the ends to
> which the means
> are directed.

Garbage in, garbage out. Can you give some indication of where the
to this system come from? What kind of data do you expect to start with
in the
process of determining the collective volition?


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