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Very interesting Tyler. First, kudos for your "Becoming a Seed AI
Programmer" article which is one of the very best job offered texts that I
have ever seen.
To business: reading the description of your project, and having some
experience in managing large software development proejcts, I found myself
trying to quantify your human resource needs and came up with a core staff
of 50 software managers, architects, designers, coders, testers, plus
cognitive scientists, mathematicians, hardware and communications experts,
*insert here all current IT buzzwords*, and of course you also need support
staff. As part of the team you need some of the very best money can buy,
people who would command a salary of 250k+/yr in the job market. Your total
budget requirement is, I believe, between 10 and 20M/yr, and these may well
be very conservative estimates. How good are your funding projections over
the next few years? Of course we will try contributing individually a few
tens of bucks every now and then but you know this is not enough.
Yes of course you can use volunteers, but my advice is not to underestimate
the requirement for paid staff. Volunteers can contribute very brilliant but
intrinsically unreliable work (they are available today, tomorrow they need
money find a job and go), you need paid staff for reliability.
Have you thought of intermediate marketable results that would look good on
a business plan?

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Although we are not ready to begin our AI project, we are close enough to
begin forming the development team. Presently, we have two confirmed team
members. We're now actively searching for Singularitarians with software
engineering and cognitive science expertise to join the development team. If
you believe you may be a suitable candidate, or know someone who may, please
read "Becoming a Seed AI Programmer," and consider getting in touch at The Institute is searching for nothing less than
the core team to fulfill our mission; we need the very best we can find.


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