Re: One or more AIs??

From: Mark Waser (
Date: Sun May 30 2004 - 13:32:46 MDT

> *Any* successfully launched AGI launched in isolation will have the keys
> the Solar System.

So DON'T launch in isolation.

> But you speak as if *different* AGIs could be sent
> ahead together, like three explorers in a dingy rowing out from the mother
> ship to a new shore -- all with something to gain from cooperation, and
> free to throttle the others at will if either threatens to horde El Dorado
> for himself.
> Nope.
> Different AGIs would launch into new domains of intelligence at different
> speeds and along different trajectories. At any given moment, one would
> almost certainly be far more powerful than any other. Instead of three
> explorers in a dingy, you would have Tiny Tim in an inner-tube, Paul
> on a hovercraft, and a Borg Hive on a Death Star. No heated discussions.
> No family council. Not even a clash of the titans. No contest at all.

You're right, no contest. The Borg Hive wants to be friendly and knows that
it can make mistakes unless it consults with Tiny Tim. It slows down the
pace (not necessarily a bad thing) but it prevents horrible mistakes.
What's the problem?


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