RE: One or more FAIs??

From: Mike (
Date: Sun May 30 2004 - 10:36:52 MDT

> On Sun, 30 May 2004 "Mike" <> said:
> >It's hard enough to keep multiple databases in synch
> True, that can be hard to do with the existing state of the
> art, but if you've already mastered the vastly more difficult
> task of understanding the mechanics of an AI it would be
> child's play.

As you imply, the mechanics of an AI would be much more complicated than
the simple databases we use now. The problems of keeping the AIs in
synch will also be more complicated.

> >Even at the speed of light, the delay involved in
> >sending the data across the world, screening
> >it for viruses,
> Time spent screening it for viruses is irrelevant in this
> discussion. If it's important to do then everyone will have
> to do it and it wouldn't matter if they were one individual
> or a billion or they were one inch away or one light year; it
> would just slow everything down uniformly.
It's not irrelevant to the one being updated. Let's say its
knowledge/experience/intelligence is 1 second ahead of the incoming data
due to the delay, that could be enough to make all of the incoming data
irrelevant already.

> >[it] still adds up to a significant delay when you're
> talking computer
> >processor speeds.
> The fastest signals in the human brain creep along at a top
> speed of about 100 meters a second; many are slower, some
> much much slower (chemical signals moving by diffusion).
> Light travels at 300,000,000 meters a second, 300,000 times
> faster than the very fastest human brain signals. At the
> extreme two areas of the brain could be about a foot apart,
> so if two AI's were 300,000 feet apart, about 150 miles,
> they'd have no more problem with fractured identity issues
> than we have, and I expect you could go many times that
> distance before things got serious.
> John K Clark

To restate my last point that you omitted, the more AIs you have, the
time needed to do one round of updating increases. If there are 100
AIs, and they each have to update with all the others, the delays get
really significant.


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