Re: Multiple AIs

From: Thomas Buckner (
Date: Sun May 30 2004 - 08:35:23 MDT

--- Mark Waser <> wrote:

> You can do things with ten humans that currently
> can't be done by any
> single mind on the planet. But when was the last
> time you took a task away
> from one human and gave it to ten chimpanzees?
> Humans don't come in
> different sizes - so if ten small minds are a better
> use of the same
> computing power than one big mind, how would we
> know?

Depends on the job. If I wanted to cause a panic in a
fancy restaurant, I'd send in the chimps.
One of the dada artists back in the 1920's had a
dispute with the proprietor of a movie theater. He
gained revenge using the known properties of creatures
of limited, predictable intelligence: he brought a jar
filled with moths into the theater and released them
about ten minutes into the film. They immediately
headed for the brightest light, which was the small
window in front of the projector, disrupting the
showing and forcing the owner to refund all the


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