RE: One or more FAIs??

From: Mike (
Date: Sun May 30 2004 - 01:19:21 MDT

1. I can't agree that this eliminates the possibility of multiple AIs.
It's hard enough to keep multiple databases in synch when we're only
talking about simple things like sales at multiple stores. And even
when you design them to stay in synch, there are always local data
fields to distinguish each location from the others. I don't see any
reason why multiple AIs couldn't retain their individual identities even
while sharing other data.

2. Even at the speed of light, the delay involved in sending the data
across the world, screening it for viruses, etc, then processing it so
it can be added into the other AI's database still adds up to a
significant delay when you're talking computer processor speeds. And
the complexity grows as you introduce more AIs into the world which need
to be synched with all the rest.

> >Why do you believe that a single FAI is the best strategy?
> With the amount of information that can be sent down a wire
> increasing even faster than Moore's law it will be pointless
> to talk about two separate AI's unless they were at such a
> huge distance apart that the delay caused by speed of light
> became significant. Everything one knew (or felt) the other would too.
> John K Clark

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