RE: External reference semantics

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 09:29:22 MDT

Who defines the voting scheme across all sentients? Is it consensus or
majority rules? What about the potential for tyranny of the majority?
The manipulability of democratic systems is pretty clear...
ben g

An 'external referent' to "*my* friends conception of Friendliness"
cannot be fully external because they are *my* friends. What if you
take out the self-referential bit and make the external referent as
close to fully universal as you can get ie. "Your supergoal content is
an approximation to [ friendliness as would be maximally acceptable to
all sentients everywhere ]

This is a bit like a super goal with external referent: "Do unto others
as they would have you do unto them (while not turning yourself into a

Cheers, Philip

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