Re: The dangers of genuine ignorance (was: Volitional Morality and Action Judgement)

From: J. Andrew Rogers (
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 01:37:58 MDT

On May 26, 2004, at 11:15 PM, Marc Geddes wrote:
> Hypothesis: Qualia ARE the laws of logic. There is a
> ground state of pure awareness which exists in
> everything.
> Conclusions: Higher level forms of qualia are
> obtained through multiple recursion of the laws of
> logic. Brains are the physical expression of the laws
> of logic undergoing multiple levels of recursion to a
> high degree.

A carriage-return followed by a new-line would have had roughly the
same content, but without the bandwidth consumption. A spectacular
display of semantic null-ness.

> Got all that? Geez, this is all very basic stuff guys

I got your post, as in i received it via email. But your post started
of with random odd assumptions and went downhill from there.

Rigor, my boy. Rigor.

j. andrew rogers

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