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From: Michael Anissimov (
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 18:20:19 MDT

Hello fellow transhumanists,

I've been watching the web statistics of a few key organizations and
have found that we get a *lot* of hits from this service called It's a toolbar that surfers use to be directed towards
random websites based on their interests and ratings from fellow users
of the software. Like Orkut, transhumanist-oriented ideas seem to be
disproportionately popular among users of this service. Let's improve
our situation by joining this service, navigating to our favorite
websites, rating them with a "thumbs-up", and leaving a positive
comment, shall we? It will take about 10 minutes of your time. The
potential improvement in traffic could be enormous even if only 10% of
the people reading this email step up to the plate.

I don't know if it's "spyware", please don't ask.

Download the software here:

Here are some of the sites I gave positive ratings and comments (listed
in random order):


Michael Anissimov                 
Advocacy Director, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
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