Re: More musings: Hologram analogy and 'The Fundamental Theorem of Morality' again

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Fri May 21 2004 - 00:17:19 MDT

Marc Geddes,

You wrote:
> We note that although Universal Morality is present
> in all of us, it is 'filtered' by our 'Personal
> Morality'. Our Personal Morality interferes with
> Universal Morality, and as a result we can only access
> a very 'low resolution' image of 'Goodness'. So
> learning to be more moral is an 'optimization
> process': we need to start adjusting our Personal
> Morality in order to let Universal Morality shine
> through.

This sounds like a pitch from a traveling guru-spiritualist :)

There is little evidence that humans share an inbuilt universal morality,
filtered or unfiltered. I'll allow that there are a number of ideas of
right and wrong that are broadly, but not universally shared by adults.
However, morality varies widely by age group, by culture, by religion and
social class - and is heavily effected by ones immediate environment. Your
hologram analogy and your theory don't fit with these facts.

Michael Roy Ames

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